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Knitting big circular machine classification

The ordinary machine can form a high-speed machine by optimizing the triangle and the sinker; the profiler can be formed by adding the slitting device, which is suitable for the production of spandex
According to the number of syringes, the knitting circular machine can be divided into single-sided circular machine and double-sided circular machine. According to the structural characteristics of the machine and the characteristics of the knitted product, it can be divided into ordinary machine, thread adjusting machine, terry machine, sweater, transfer ring. Machine, jacquard machine, machine, etc.
1 ordinary machine
The general model is the basic model of the big round machine, including the single-sided machine, the rib machine and the cotton machine. Among them, the single-sided machine and the rib machine have only one needle track, which can only weave the weft-flat tissue jersey and the simple rib cloth, the cotton machine. There are two needle tracks on the top and bottom, which can only weave simple cotton tissue. Other models are formed on the basis of ordinary machines.
At present, the real machine of the real meaning in the market is gone, and the general machine mentioned generally is a multi-needle machine. The multi-needle single-sided machine is generally 4-needle, and the small-flower fabric can be woven by the arrangement of knitting needles and triangles; the multi-needle double-sided machine generally has 2 needles for the dial and 4 needles for the syringe, depending on the way of the needle. It can be divided into rib machine and cotton machine, as well as rib cotton exchange machine, which can weave all kinds of small flower double-faced fabrics.
The ordinary machine can form a high-speed machine by optimizing the triangle and the sinker; the profiler can be formed by adding the slitting device, which is suitable for the production of spandex fabric.
2 line adjustment machine
The thread adjusting machine can be obtained by adding a thread adjusting device to various single and double-sided machines, and the thread adjusting machine is used for knitting large color strip fabric, and can be divided into three color lines, four color lines, six color lines and the like. Some special models, through the combination of the line adjuster, can switch the function of 3 colors and 6 color lines, which improves the work efficiency.
3 loop machine
The terry machine belongs to the single-sided machine and is used for the production of terry fabrics. It is divided into two types: the front and the reverse. Some terry rings are equipped with terry scissors to directly produce the looped terry fabric.
4 sweater
The sweater is commonly known as the three-line flannel machine, which is a kind of single-sided machine, mainly used for weaving padded tissue fabric.
5 jacquard machine
Jacquard machine is used to weave large-circulation jacquard fabrics, including computer jacquard machine, jacquard jacquard machine, insert jacquard machine, disk jacquard machine, roller jacquard machine, circular toothed roller jacquard machine, etc., which are currently used by most enterprises on the market. Computer jacquard machine.
6 transfer machine
The transfer machine is a kind of double-sided rib machine, and the needle of the needle is a transfer needle and has an elastic expansion ring. The transfer machine can weave a special transfer fabric such as a leno weave.
7 pairs of machine
The machine is a double-sided machine for weaving double-back tissue fabrics, which is relatively rare on the market. The machine is basically imported, and there are very few enterprises that can produce the machine in the country.
8 artificial fur machine
The artificial fur machine is a single-sided machine. A set of fiber tops is used to feed the feeding device in each looping system, and the loose fibers are fed into the knitting needles to weave the plush tissue.
9 lining machine
The lining machine is equipped with a lining device (also called a hanging device) on a common single-sided machine, which can weave a fabric with a longitudinal strip effect.